Each machine has its own qualities and performance levels, but the objective is always the same: to produce gears and precision parts in large volumes


MachineAF90AF100 plusAF101AF110 plus
PART DATA (gear)
Max. diameter of part30 mm36 mm36 mm60 mm**
Max. machining length40 mm50 mm50 mm90 mm**
Rotation of headstock and tailstock5,000 rpm5,000 rpm5,000 rpm12,000 rpm
Minimum module0.02 mm0.02 mm0.02 mm0.02 mm
Maximum module (based on material and number of stages)0.5-0.8 mm0.5-0.8 mm0.5-0.8 mm0.5-1.5 mm
Max. diameter of milling-cutter24 mm24 mm24 mm38 mm
Max. width of milling-cutter20 mm20 mm20 mm50 mm (2x25)
Tilt angle of milling-cutter-/+ 10ø manual-/+ 30ø auto-/+ 30ø auto-/+ 30ø auto
Rotation of milling cutter spindle16,000 rpm16,000 rpm16,000 rpm12,000 rpm
Travel along headstock axis Z/Z? ? AF110 plus (axial feed)64 mm82 mm82 mm92 mm
Travel along tailstock axis Z'/Z axis ? AF110 plus (axial feed)-82 mm82 mm112 mm
Travel along transverse axis X (radial feed)40 mm74 mm74 mm80 mm
Travel along shifting axis Y (tangential feed)55 mm84 mm84 mm112 mm
Tilt, axis A-/+ 10ø manual-/+ 30ø auto-/+ 30ø auto-/+ 30ø auto
Voltage3x400/50 Hz3x400/50 Hz3x400/50 Hz3x400/50 Hz
Installed power7 kVA7 kVA7 kVA7 kVA
Dimensions (LxDxH)750x836x1,814 mm1,180x1,660x2,589 mm1,469x1,628x1,847 mm1,180x1,660x2,589 mm
Empty weight710 kg1,800 kg1,300 kg1,800 kg

* Depending on the set-up and quality required | ** Depending on the gripping tools | *** Option

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